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Launching A Successful Process Improvement Initiative

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Maintain an edge over your competitors by focusing on process improvement.

What is Process Improvement?

Process improvement is an initiative that enables a company to develop its' ability to maintain an edge over the competition. When the top management is too much focused on rapid growth and profit maximization, they usually overlook the significance of evaluating internal processes and procedures on a regular basis which results in bottlenecks, poor customer service, and satisfaction.

Why Process Improvement?

Nowadays companies around the world face new challenges attributable to the constant changing world where customers want better products, high quality services, and maximum convenience. To meet the expectations of these demanding customers, companies are pushed to change the way they operate and rely on Continuous Improvement to compete well in the market and achieve their goals.

Focusing on process improvement enables a company to utilize their resources better leading to reduced operational costs, improved customer service, and higher revenues. Furthermore, a company enjoys enhanced brand image and improved competitive position in the industry.

'Big picture' items to focus on for efforts to be successful

For process improvement efforts to be effective and successful, the following ‘big picture’ items must be in place:

Key ingredients for successful business process improvement

Create a collaborative organizational culture where employees and management work together as a team and provide a clear vision by deploying effective leadership skills. [Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about creating a collaborative organizational culture]

Provide the skills. If employees are struggling to improve their work, they tend to become frustrated. Therefore, it is important to provide them with new skills so that they are better equipped and enthusiastic about the initiatives.

Provide the goals. Consistent with the vision, goals and milestones must be effectively communicated to all employees. The goals must be widely communicated and collectively understood.

Bottom-Up Communication. Engage employees and value feedback from employees at all levels. People who are actually involved in the process and the execution of tasks on daily basis are the ones who can actually help in improving processes.

Recognize process improvement efforts of employees, no matter how small the efforts are.

Provide the rewards. On meeting the goals and milestones, reward your employees. Reinforce the work done so that the desired behavior is repeated, marking the culture of continuous improvement.

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