Frequently asked questions

What is meant by virtual support?

Virtual support involves providing support services to businesses by working remotely for them, through the wonders of wireless service and technology. Our virtual support services include, but not limited to virtual process management, business administration and management, general bookkeeping, email handling and management, marketing, social media management, learning and development, online research, event planning, graphics designing, HR support, and more.

How does a business benefits from virtual support?

Cost savings

You enjoy dedicated professional support and are able to get things done virtually at a cost considerably lower than hiring a full-time employee as there are no overheads or office equipment costs, no paid leaves, no payroll costs or superannuation involved.


Through virtual support,you are able to free up your time by delegating administrative, marketing or other managerial responsibilities. Therefore, you have more time to spend on building and growing your business quicker.

Higher productivity

By getting professional support for your business, you are able to enhance your business's operational productivity by getting things done right the first time and at the right time.

Enhanced customer experience

Higher productivity and delegation of responsibilities to experienced specialists enable you to enhance your customers' experience in terms of improved response time and service quality.

How is Winowin Consulting different from other virtual service providers?

1. We bring skill-sets and valuable experience to enrich your business through one-on-one collaborative relationship of ongoing business support. Our goal is to meet your needs virtually in the best way possible.

2. We are real people with real solutions. We believe in building long term relationship with our clients through an open and honest dialogue to ensure that we generate results that meet your expectations and business support needs effectively and efficiently.

3. Our approach is 'creativity and innovation' driven which allows us to take your business to the next level

4. We genuinely care about our clients and make sure that our collaborative relationship enables you to achieve your business objectives. We just love sharing success with our clients.

5. Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business through virtual support and help you grow and generate quick results.

How can I get virtual support for my business?

It is a simple 4 step process:

1. Book a free initial consultation with us and let us know about your support needs. This is an obligation free 30-minutes Zoom call.

2. We understand your unique needs and prepare an effective virtual support solution for you.

3. On acceptance of the proposal, we send you a virtual service agreement and invoice you for an upfront.

4. Service begins as soon as the payment is received

Book now a free initial obligation free consultation or contact us and send an enquiry if you have any questions.