Winowin Consulting is based in Australia and aims to provide advisory and virtual support to small business owners who want to scale their business and become efficient with their operations but do not have the budget to hire an in-house employee or team.

We take administrative, marketing, and other managerial responsibilities off your shoulders, and offer you a virtual one-stop solution so that you can save time, money and enjoy more specialised skills that you need to scale your business.

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our goal

At Winowin Consulting, our ultimate goal is to add value to your business by providing expert advice and managing your business processes virtually so that you can generate quick results and achieve your business goals effectively.

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We know you have big plans

You want to make your dream of building a billion-dollar empire come true.

And you want to grow your business quicker.


But if you are spending more time in your business and not on your business, you are missing big opportunities and it is certainly not a great way of growing your business.

You don't need to worry now as you have come at the right place. We can help you get your time and sanity back so that you can focus on your goals and build your dream business empire quicker.

meet the founder


Nadia Omair

Founder and Executive Business Consultant

Nadia Omair is an online business consultant, Australian quality certified premium VA and a national awards finalist. She is also a wife, first-time Mumma, and the proud founder of Winowin Consulting, serving clients internationally.

She founded Winowin Consulting in January 2019, following the birth of her son, as she wanted the flexibility to be able to work around her family life and ambitions for developing a successful business.


Her decision to follow her passion and create her own business allowed her to have an ideal blend of life where she can work and raise her child together.


As a mumpreneur, I believe it is important to love what you do and be passionate about your life. This balance creates a positive energy that reflects the progress we have made.


And you do not want to give the keys to your business to someone else. That's why, at Winowin Consulting, we offer a one-on-one collaborative relationship of ongoing professional virtual support, consulting you can rely on


Collaboration with Winowin Consulting will not only allow you to save time and money but will also allow you to fill skill gaps and bring an outside perspective into your business, resulting in quicker business growth.


​We are 100% based in Australia and understand how Australians do business. We can work in the same time zone as you and can even offer on-site support if you are local to where we are located. 



Meet with Nadia so that she can get to know you and your business needs.


We will create a custom solution for your unique needs to help you manage and grow your business.

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Get your TIME and SANITY back - Save up to 25 hours per week and stay focused on the profitable areas of your business.



Our vision is to partner with people having ambitious intellect, helping them achieve operational excellence and bring great ideas to life.


Our mission is to bring a unique skill-set and enrich our client's business through a one-on-one collaborative relationship of ongoing professional virtual support.

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We stand firm with high moral values and believe in an open and honest dialogue with our clients to ensure their objectives and expectations are met.


We value the strengths and contributions of every individual and treat everyone in a way that reflects Winowin Consulting's values.


We give our best by going above and beyond for our clients.


We welcome new ideas and are continuously looking for new, innovative ways of working.

Collaborative Communication

We are collaborative in all our communication.


We aim to exceed our clients' expectations and ensure to meet their unique needs in a way that allows our clients to save time and money in business.


We work with each client with enthusiasm, determination, and pride.

We Care About You

We genuinely care about our clients and make sure that our collaborative relationship enables you to achieve your business goals.


Frequently asked questions

What is meant by virtual support?

Virtual support involves providing support services to businesses by working remotely for them, through the wonders of wireless service and technology. Our virtual support services include, but not limited to virtual process management, business administration and management, general bookkeeping, email handling and management, marketing, social media management, learning and development, online research, event planning, graphics designing, HR support, and more.

How does a business benefits from virtual support?

Cost savings

You enjoy dedicated professional support and are able to get things done virtually at a cost considerably lower than hiring a full-time employee as there are no overheads or office equipment costs, no paid leaves, no payroll costs or superannuation involved.


Through virtual support,you are able to free up your time by delegating administrative, marketing or other managerial responsibilities. Therefore, you have more time to spend on building and growing your business quicker.

Higher productivity

By getting professional support for your business, you are able to enhance your business's operational productivity by getting things done right the first time and at the right time.

Enhanced customer experience

Higher productivity and delegation of responsibilities to experienced specialists enable you to enhance your customers' experience in terms of improved response time and service quality.

How is Winowin Consulting different from other virtual service providers?

1. We bring skill-sets and valuable experience to enrich your business through one-on-one collaborative relationship of ongoing business support. Our goal is to meet your needs virtually in the best way possible.

2. We are real people with real solutions. We believe in building long term relationship with our clients through an open and honest dialogue to ensure that we generate results that meet your expectations and business support needs effectively and efficiently.

3. Our approach is 'creativity and innovation' driven which allows us to take your business to the next level

4. We genuinely care about our clients and make sure that our collaborative relationship enables you to achieve your business objectives. We just love sharing success with our clients.

5. Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business through virtual support and help you grow and generate quick results.

How can I get virtual support for my business?

It is a simple 4 step process:

1. Book a free initial consultation with us and let us know about your support needs. This is an obligation free 30-minutes Zoom call.

2. We understand your unique needs and prepare an effective virtual support solution for you.

3. On acceptance of the proposal, we send you a virtual service agreement and invoice you for an upfront.

4. Service begins as soon as the payment is received

Book now a free initial obligation free consultation or contact us and send an enquiry if you have any questions.